Norland Development History(2008-2018)

  • 2008 – Year of Starting and Positioning

    The Company entered and stationed in Wanda Plaza. They also entered into CBD area; “Wuqing Herbal Supplement Liquid” passed health food approval conducted by State Food and Drug Administration; “Wuqing Herbal Supplement Liquid” research results obtained national patent and was reported by more than 30 official media nationwide including Global Times and China Pharmaceutical News.

  • 2009 – Year of Stable Development

    Prominent Chinese movie star Du Yulu endorsed “Wuqing Herbal Supplement Liquid”; CCTV-4 China News and NPC & CPPCC Special Edition held by China News Agency reported the product; Chairman Zou Zhongquan was selected as vice-president of China Quality Association for Pharmaceuticals and vice-chairman of China Health Care Association.

  • 2010 – Year of International Strategy

    The Group formally signed with 3 international superstars - Rain, Kim Hee Seon and Chae Rim; Wuqing Herbal Series obtained FDA Free Selling Certificate, Australian Therapeutic Drugs Access License and Singapore Chinese Medicine Access License; Wuqing Herbal Series was honored “Inheritance Innovation Award of Chinese Medicine” and “Contribution Award for Carry forward Chinese Medicine to the World”

  • 2011 – Year of Appreciation and Motivation

    Chairman Zou Zhongquan dedicated himself to defense work of reserve force and was honored Third-Class Merit Medal by Chinese People's Liberation Army; the Hope School fully donated by Norland was formally completely in Helong, Jilin; Wuqing Herbal Series obtained national patent certificate (patent certificate No.: ZL2008 1 01321406X)

  • 2012 – Year of Brand Development

    Norland American Branch formally established, which located in Broadway area of New York; Wuqing Herbal Series passed International Halal Food Official Certification and Official Safety Standard Inspection of Europe; Wuqing Herbal Series was honored the title of Only Designated Health Product by International Police Center and enjoyed logo use rights.

  • 2013 - Year of Global Expansion

    Norland American Branch went public in NASDAQ, stock code: ZMDC; Chairman of China-Africa Investment Committee and Director of Arab Information Exchange Center, Moustapha Saphariny visited and inspected the Group Company and reached preliminary cooperation; the group established 3 experiment institutes in cooperation with Pharmaceutical Research Center of Boston University, Liaoning Pharmaceutical Research Institute and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University.

  • 2014 - Year of Strategic Layout

    Norland national franchise store plan formally launched; Overall structure optimization of “Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Invigorating, Nourishing and Beautifying” products and new product release conference was successfully held in Beijing; Norland overseas tourism seminar started grandly. North America market grandly launched, gathering elites from the U.S., Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. 

  • 2015 - Year of Creating Brilliance

    The first private health detoxification product “Nouripad” nursing stick was released and obtained a national patent; Norland store signed with general agent in South Africa. Agent in Singapore and Malaysia all signed with Norland; Beijing UK International Medi-beauty Hospital was completed; 2nd phase project of Norland Health Industry Park formally launched; Norland obtained direct selling license issued by the Ministry of Commerce.

  • 2016 - Year of Rapid Development

    UK International Medi-beauty • Beijing Flagship Hospital grandly opened; the official online mall “North Huigo Mall” ( went into formal operation;  Natto Red Yeast Rice Powder and Regeneration Skin Care Products released; Henan Branch, Heilongjiang Branch, Jiangsu Branch and Zhejiang Branch opened; Norland Charity Foundation was officially established.

  • 2017- Year of Breakthrough

    Perilla Seed Oil Protein Peptide, Pure Peptide, and Shouer Maternal Products were released; Uwilling Beauty Gathering Shared Technology Skin-care Franchise Store was released; Norland UK International started construction of 11 franchise hospitals in Jinan, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Shanghai; Norland Uwilling purchased China’s first global-buy social platform NEED and changed the name into U Fashion for formal operation; Hi Mybody Shared Therapy Franchise Store was released; Norland further deepened global layout when the South African and Ghana Branches were put into operation. 

  • 2018- Year of Technology Empowering

    Project Investment Agreement for Norland Luannan Big Health International Industrial Park was formally signed; Norland (Jilin) Changbai Mountain Ecology Project formally launched; Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for 2nd Phase Engineering of Norland Yanqing Project grandly launched; Norland merged Sishengxinyuan and was involved in Chinese medicine industry; Norland built top-level mode of Sishengxinyuan·Guozhentang Therapy & Recuperate; Norland invested RMB hundreds of millions to acquire 100% stake in Shanghai Cloud Health Medical Technology Group.

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