To provide you with better and more convenient service, Norland has upgraded and optimized the customer service hotline system in an overall manner.

From now on, the uniform customer service hotline of Norland shall be changed to +86-400-0538-998.

Norland Customer Service Hotline will add nine voice self-service features to guide users to select the service and input the corresponding button.

Realize interactive information access and improve the efficiency, standardization and correctness of business processing.

Voice self-service is available 24 hours a day. No more waiting!

Announcement: Please inform each member.

Welcome to the latest customer service hotline.

We will be pleased provide you with efficient service with better quality, that is more convenient, and meticulous! Thank you for your support and encouragement to Norland!

Note: The original customer service phone 800-8100-666 is discontinued, and the uniform customer service hotline is changed to 86-400-0538-998.

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