Heavy! Shenzhen conference held, into the South China market, write a new chapter!



On August 19, 2021, Reborn co-organized the life science and technology industry launch with Shenzhen Life Source. Reborn scientific research team, with the national health, economic, financial sector guests and friends gathered together to open the beginning of the South China market.


Zhou Hanxin, a well-known expert in precision medicine and health management in China, and other scholars attended the meeting.

Zhou Hanxin 

State Council special allowance expert and Shenzhen outstanding expert  

Vice president of Shenzhen Medical Association  

Chairman of shenzhen Medical Association minimally invasive surgery Professional Committee  

Member of the Asian Society of Endoscopic Surgeons and member of the American Society of Endoscopic Surgeons  

Kiel University, Germany/Innsbruck, Austria  

He received his doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Innsbruck, Austria  


Academician Wu Zuze  

The father of Chinese stem cells  

Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences  

Former president of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences  

Experimental hematologist  

Director, Army Key Laboratory of Experimental Hematology  

Doctoral supervisor


Academician Fan Daiming  

Academician and vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering  

President of the Fourth Military Medical University  

President of Xijing Digestive Disease Hospital  

Director, State Key Laboratory of Cancer Biology  

Director of national Clinical Pharmacology Base  

Expert of national Major New Drug Creation and Development Group  

Member of national Science and Technology Award Committee  

Delegate to the 14th CPC National Congress


Shenzhen Life Source Chairman Dr. Li Wei delivered a speech, hoping to promote Reborn cutting-edge life technology, change the South China market health management industry, so that the quality of life of South China people to produce a qualitative leap. 

Dr. Li Wei delivered a speech


At this meeting, Mr. Wang Xuejun took the stage, and with the theme of "Science and technology cast brilliant, capital creates miracles", carried out an in-depth analysis of the trend of stem cell development, and made a detailed explanation of Reborn scientific research, experts, technology, hardware, products and other advantages.

Mr. Wang Xuejun delivered a live academic speech


Then, Dr. Cai Chengyan, an expert at Reborn, gave an academic report. From the origin of life, to stem cell medicine, to stem cell action, Dr. Cai Chengyan gave a new explanation. For endometrial stem cells, Dr. Cai Chengyan made a key analysis. He points out that the five core patents owned by Ripple have taken the purity of endometrial stem cell extraction to an all-time high.

Dr. Cai Chengyan delivered a live academic speech


Professor Wang Liming

Former PLA 323 hospital hematology director  

Engineering Society of Chinese Medical Association  

Member of stem Cell Engineering Committee  

Member of academic Committee of Blood Specialty of PLA


This strong entry into the Shenzhen market is of great significance to Reborn. Shenzhen market rooting, will be a successful model for the opening of the Pearl River Delta market, laying the South China market, will play an important role. Deep into the South China market, Reborn will, as always, practice the "use of science and technology to update life, with business practice charity" mission, to bring cutting-edge life science and technology achievements to more people, more families.


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