Gather vigorously and create the future! Norland Cameroon annual car award Conference was grandly held!


For the sake of keep going to affirm the achievements, praise the advanced, invigorate the spirit, and inspire fighting spirit, on September 25, 2021 at local time 13:00, the 2021 Norland Cameroon annual car award ceremony with the theme of "Gathering Vigorously and Leading the Future" was held in Douala and ended perfectly.

This award ceremony is be aimed for the leaders of Cameroon nationwide in their past period. Those participants are Senior Leaders from Norland Cameroon, President of Norland Africa and Senior Leaders from Norland Nigeria was attended the conference.


Mr. Kenny Chen, President of Norland Africa with giving his opening speech, opened the meeting. He expressed his sincere gratitude to all the Norland family members present, and outlined the Norland development history, corporate culture and social responsibilities, and conveyed the Norland determination to continue to develop the business in Cameroon!


In order to let members to have a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of Norland, Mantho Clarisse Simo, Norland Gold Diamond leader, introduced the latest product series of Norland. Nju Dima Ako, Norland gold medal leader and one of the cash and car award winners of this event, explained the latest business plan of Norland in detail.


At the same time, Romeo Odey and Madame Clever, the high-ranking leaders of Norland Nigeria, shared with Cameroon family members and hopped that their successful experience can help them and everyone will follow Norland and achieve greater success through Norland promotion!


The awarding session is one of the highlights of this grand event! Car award and cash award winners was rewarded on the spot, and a commendation ceremony was held for the newly promoted gold diamond members, silver diamond members, gold medal members and silver medal members! At the commendation ceremony, the members shared their own stories with Norland. They praised Norland business for helping them gain wealth and health, and realize a wonderful life!


The following is a partial list of winners, congratulations to them!

Car award winners: Enoh Makia Alle Epse Ike, Chefor Fabrice Aniepezi, Nju Dima Ako

Cash award winners Nju Dima Ako, Chefor Fabrice Aniepezi, William Hillman Bisang, Oteh Joseph Kudi

Newly upgraded Gold Diamond member: Mantho Clarisse Simo

Newly upgraded Silver Diamond member: Toko Jean Jules

Newly upgraded Gold members: Menkwe, Tehoumi Kwayep Ruth, Ralph Kouyo, Makia Victoria Efueps Bisong, Nju Dima Ako, Enoh Makia Bertha


The entire event lasted for nearly 5 hours. The 1,000-seats conference hall was full without empty space, and it was already overwhelmed. Many members stood to participate in the full event. They were full of enthusiasm and cheers. They used Cameroonian unique Passion expresses their love for Norland.


On the road of high-quality development Norland, Cameroon, market is ready to move forward and empower the future!

Norland Cameroon wishes everyone would gain health and wealth!


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