Norland South Africa Branch's 2nd award ceremony in 2021 was held, and many people received commendation awards!


Glory moment, witness together. On June 19, 2021, Norland South Africa second award ceremony of 2021 with the theme of "Butterfly Change and Leap Forward" was ceremoniously held.

Norland Distributors and members from more than a dozen countries including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, Congo, Tanzania, etc. participated in this awards ceremony. We witnessed this glorious moment and explored the new future of Norland.

The award ceremony was held online and offline at the same time. Distributors from different countries and regions watched and participated in the conference at the same time. There were over 300 online participants and more than 1000 offline participants in over 9 physical venues.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr.Johnny Chen, vice president of Norland Industrial Group, delivered a speech. In the past year, the epidemic has plagued everyone, and many companies or businesses are facing bankruptcy. However, we, Norland, insist on thinking and innovating, and always strive to move forward. We have built a more powerful sales platform that has not only helped thousands of people with health, but also enabled more people to achieve career and wealth success through our platform. This is the miracle of Norland!  

He said that this is the result of everyone's efforts, and he would like to express his heartfelt thanks to all the family members. At the same time, he said that the group headquarters will definitely provide strong support and guarantee for the future development of the Southern Africa market, so that the Southern Africa team can go forward without worries, expand the market on a larger scale, and embark on a new career journey! 


Mr. Aren Wang, general manager of Norland South Africa branch, made a wonderful speech. He affirmed and praised the efforts of all distributors, and also expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all distributors who have won commendation and awards; And he made an introduction of South African regional promotion policy of our next stage to all the participants online and offline.

He said that Norland management will continue to provide high-quality products and services to help more and more people gain health and wealth and make their lives better!


Many outstanding distributors were recognized and awarded in this conference, such as houses, luxury cars, laptops, travel awards, cash awards and so on. And the newly promoted distributors such as Silver Medal, Gold Medal and Silver Diamond leaders were also been recognized and awarded.

Madam Dimakatso Patricia Munyadzwe,Norland Blue Diamond leader from Botswana received the house award from Norland. In her sharing,she said that she was very happy to get the house award. She would like to thank Norland company, which pursues high-quality health products, advocates healthy life concept, and provides career opportunities to realize self-worth! Munyadzwe expressed that she was very lucky to join such a platform. She will also lead and encourage others to join Norland and succeed together.


A total of 23 luxury cars were awarded in this conference. The distributors who won the car award came from all over the world. They are full of gratitude and enthusiasm. And they have a heartfelt sense of identity, happiness and acquisition of Norland family. They also share their successful experience and call on more people to join this business platform of Norland.

Car award winner from Namibia,Madam Punky Shikomba


Car award winner from Botswana,Madam Galani Kwenasele


Car award winner from Botswana,Madam Goitsemodimo Besele


Car award winner from Botswana,Madam Mumsie Dorah Ratshosa


There is a Chinese saying, "A hundred feet, go further"! We can do even better. Norland will make persistent efforts to work hand in hand with all of our distributors to open up a new picture and help more people together!

We also firmly believe that in the near future, greater glory will belong to you!

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