Norland officially authorized the first National Stockist in Central Africa, to accelerate the development of the African market!


World Famous Brand-----Norland!

Exclusive Authorization------ National Stockist

Local service------ Close contact with distributors


Faced with the impact of the Menacing global epidemic and the complex environment at home and abroad, Norland has carried out a comprehensive optimization and upgrade of the strategic layout of overseas markets, accelerated the promotion of the national stockiest model, and officially authorized the first National Stockist in Central Africa on June 1, 2021. Chad national stockist!

This is an important step for the Norland’s strategic layout in overseas markets. It has successfully created a new competitive advantage and opened up new sales channels for the group. It is a milestone for the group to participate in market competition and continue to grow stronger in the future!


The national stockist authorized by Norland will be fully responsible for the business operation in the local market, and through its local advantages, establish close contacts with the local people, so that company’s excellent health products and business model will benefit more people, and let everyone quickly gain health, wealth, and realize the value of life! Norland will conduct unified management of national stockists and implement branch operations, especially centralized management of collection orders and bonus distribution, to protect the interests of all distributor teams in the region.

At the same time, with increasing the company's local market share, we will create more possibilities for the future development for Norland!


Environmental Showcase:


After years of in-depth layout and marketing, Norland has established a firm foothold in overseas markets, with footprints in more than 30 countries and regions, and has established a mature sales model and a stable sales network, and Norland has become the "benchmark of Chinese enterprises" in the international market, especially in the African market.

In the future, Norland will enter a new stage of development: in terms of supply chain system, fully integrate domestic and overseas supply chain resources, and build a full-link global intelligent system; in terms of technological innovation and brand building, on the one hand, it will increase the number of high-level scientific research talents introduce, increase the diversified investment in scientific research, cooperation and application. On the other hand, we are also creating a brand incubation platform through technology and product innovation!

Strive for excellence step by step in the pursuit of perfection, and achieve a leap in the accelerated run!

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